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Report: Phillies set to meet with Jeff Francoeur's Representatives, Presumably to Discuss Potential Employment as Professional Baseball Player.

Winter Meetings Rumors!


As reported by David Murphy, the Phillies may be close to ostensibly replacing one of the game's most patient hitters (Jayson Werth, you silly geese!) with one of its least patient, one Jeff Francoeur

While Francoeur is downright competent against LHP (.300/.363/.442), I fear the temptation would be there for Charlie Manuel to play him full-time if Domonic Brown struggles out of the gate.  Manuel has allegedly stated that he believes he can "fix" Francoeur, for whatever that's worth.  Charlie's worked some miracles in the past, so we'll see.

Pitches Per Plate Appearance

Jayson Werth

2007 - 4.57

2008 - 4.51

2009 - 4.51

2010 - 4.37

Jeff Francoeur

2007 - 3.44

2008 - 3.48

2009 - 3.34

2010 - 3.58