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Phillies sign LHP Dennys Reyes

Hey, who needs big name free agents?  There's fungible lefty relievers to sign!

Last night, the Phillies completed a one year contract with Cardinals lefty Dennys Reyes worth $1.1 million, with a 2012 option believed to be worth $1.35 million. Incentives and whatnot could raise the value of the deal.

The 33 year old reliever has held left-handed batters to a .238/.332/.337 line over the course of his career. 

All in all this is not a bad signing really. The dollar value is low and Reyes has shown a definite ability to keep the ball in the park, a nice ability to have these days, even if his walk rates are alarmingly high.

He also happens to look almost exactly like the late Big Punisher.