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Phillies Links For You: February 26, 2010

Our first "spring" link dump, yay!

G-20 Summit could conflict with Phillies-Blue Jays series at the end of June
An older story, but I'm sure Bud Selig would be more than happy to volunteer Miller Park for one or more of these games...

Phils like Aumont's potential as pitcher
Between this and Kevin Goldstein's evaluation, I'm feeling better about Phillippe Aumont.

Phillies Notes: For Phillies' hitters, a hello to arms
Roy Halladay vs. Phillies Lineup = end of humanity?

Lee left mark in stint with Phillies
He still seems like such a sad boy.

Bobby Cox, In His Final Season, Needs to Put It All On The Line
Tons of extra whining about the dimensions of Citizens Bank Park this season.

Moyer practices; Lidge still limited
The 47 year old is making you look bad, Brad.

Phillies glad to be back? Photo day shots sure don't show it - Big League Stew

The Phillies, The Big Red Machine, and All Time Great Teams | The Perpetual Post
Okay, it's a nice piece, but why spend so much time debunking an argument that no one has really tried to make?

Phillies prospect Brown getting education in spring training | Philadelphia Daily News | 02/26/2010
Domonic Brown gets the full-on media treatment. No pressure, kid.

Oakland pitcher Bailey remains a Philly fan
Andrew Bailey to Phillies? Yes please.

Phillies' Zagurski looking for a chance | Philadelphia Inquirer | 02/26/2010
I am pleased to note that Mike Zagurski still resembles an enormous toddler.

Bill Conlin: Phillies getting on track at swing training | Philadelphia Daily News | 02/26/2010
I just don't know.

New dad Jonathan Broxton is in a state of bliss -
Should have named the kid "Matthew Moonshot."

Moving experience for former Phillies' prospect Taylor, now with Oakland | Philadelphia Daily News | 02/26/2010
I am psyched for Michael Taylor and I hope he does well (the Athletics are my favorite American League team).