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Some Phillies Links for You: March 25, 2010

I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay: Please watch this and then vote for ZWR at The Phield
I have nothing else to say. The brilliant, dada-esque "I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay" strikes yet again.

Phillies manager Manuel misses mouthy Myers
I detect the slightest sarcasm...

Phillies' Rollins biding time till start of season - mlb -
Fluffy, inconsequential piece about Jimmy Rollins.

Phillies lefthander Happ benefiting from offseason work
J.A. Happ will still almost certainly regress somewhat, but if he can mitigate the damage he'll still be a very valuable pitcher.

On Baseball - Skepticism and Optimism Meet With Mets

"The Phillies have done great, I understand," Francoeur said. "But, God, they have not had the injury bug. Not one guy has been out the last two years. Bless them, I’m not praying for them to be hurt, that’s great. But you feel it’s got to kick up sometime."

Jeff Francoeur - Prince of the Dicks

A healthful change-up in what fills up the Phils | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/25/2010


During spring training, the Phillies feast on healthful choices, including egg-white omelets, whole-wheat waffles, and Kashi cereal for breakfast; lean proteins at later meals; and low-fat yogurt parfaits and granola bars for snacks. There's fresh fruit, naturally, in the Grapefruit League.

Whiz Kids cast a spell on Phillies fans that endures 60 years later | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/23/2010
First in a series - It's hard for us to understand today, but winning a pennant was pretty special in those days, particularly because only one team from each league played postseason ball.

Phillies to Rock Retro Unis on the Road, Not Home

Victorino takes on new hitting approach
I hate this idea that you have to "change your approach" when you hit in a different spot in the lineup. Production is production. Shane Victorino has been pretty productive the past few seasons. Why mess with it?

Schmidt seeking expanded role with Phillies
Facial hair consultant? Seriously, if that game the other day was any indication, Schmidt would be a great addition to the broadcast team.

Crashburn Alley " Rollins Was Better Than You Thought
It's a couple days old but, Bill at Crashburn Alley breaks down Jimmy Rollins. Conclusion: 2009 wasn't that awful.