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Some Phillies Links for You: March 26, 2010

Phillies fan found not guilty of prostitution
Our long national nightmare...

BASEBALL 2010: Phillies go for NL three-peat
Blah blah blah the usual from

Phillies plan to put Victorino in position to be more productive
So wait, the Shane Victorino of the past couple of seasons has been trying to be a "tablesetter"? Hacktorino? Really?

Five predictions about the Philadelphia Phillies for the 2010 season

(3) Placido Polanco is a nice addition to an already potent lineup - Polanco almost always makes contact and typically hits the ball hard. Yes, he missed some time this spring but he has only struck out once in over 40 at-bats.

I have a dream... that one day, sportswriters will stop caring about a batter's strikeout totals.

Baseball Notes: Dodgers give the nod to Padilla for opener
Keep away from firearms, liquor for 48 hours ahead of time.

In Whiz Kid era, brass was always greener
Last in a series.  Fun stuff here.

Phillies Notebook: Phillies in the market for starting pitching depth

Park in Four-Way Battle for Yankees' Setup Role
You see what happens, Chan Ho??!?!

Phillies Notes: Phils' Kendrick turns in strong outing
Still not missing bats, however.