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Some Phillies Links for You: March 29, 2010

Five questions: Philadelphia Phillies
Bill Baer from Crashburn Alley does a Phillies preview for The Hardball Times. Go! Read! Now!

Is it too early for Phillies to worry about Raul Ibanez? |
I will go out on a limb here with a definitive "MAYBE!!"

Thome watches Phils' success with pleasure | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/28/2010
Signing Jim Thome really was the moment everything changed for this franchise. All the pieces weren't there to win quite yet -- especially pitching -- but it was a clear signal that the team was a legit destination.

Bounce-back season for Burrell is needed |
We're rooting for you, Pat.

Phil Sheridan: On paper, this Phillies team is tops | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/29/2010

It doesn't always make sense. Rollins' numbers look horrid for a leadoff hitter. Ryan Howard strikes out so much no one notices that the rest of the lineup strikes out too much, as well. The rotation has undergone major changes every year, a sure sign of desperation.

Sigh. 1. Strikeouts don't really matter; 2. The rest of the team doesn't really strike out that much. It's true!

Former GM Wade set Phils in motion | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/29/2010
Interesting read. We've been saying this around here a lot, too (jonk mostly). Ed Wade really did a lot for this current Phillies team. He wasn't perfect, but...

Change in draft philosophy led to Phillies' success | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/29/2010
Another interesting read.

Madson will open season as Phillies closer | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/29/2010
It'd be really really nice to see him have a few nice appearances to start the season so we don't have to hear about how Ryan Madson lacks "closer mentality."

Phillies Notebook: Werth lunches with Reggie Jackson, denies talk of Yankees recruiting | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/29/2010
Fine. Go to New York. See if we care. Shave the beard, though.  And get ready for me to call you a BASTARD IN A BASKET.

Job in Phillies rotation is Jamie Moyer's to lose -
We've been over this quite a bit here on The Good Phight. Jamie Moyer is almost impossible to project at this point. Of course the smart money is on a 47 year old starting pitcher's failure, but Moyer's been confounding prognosticators for years now. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.