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Phillies Links for You: March 3, 2010

It's been a blessedly quiet Spring Training so far.  Let's hope it stays that way.  No news = good news.

Phils begin spring slate vs. Florida State | News
The Phillies will take the field as a team Wednesday for the first time in 2010, facing Florida State in an exhibition game at Bright House Field at 7:05 p.m. ET.

Live Phillies blog: Victorino update
Shane Victorino's shoulder is kinda sore, will miss tomorrow's spring opener.

Phillies payroll has risen from $27.3M in 1999 to $143.5M for 2010 | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/03/2010
This really puts a lot of things into perspective.

'Stache-stastic! Collin Balester wins offseason facial hair contest - Big League Stew
OK I was wrong, THIS dude really looks like Gordon Lightfoot.

Phillies pitcher Happ would love to rattle sabermetricians | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/03/2010
Ugh. And wow. Just wow. For extra fun, peep the Comments section.

I don't think anyone can say with a straight face that J.A. Happ is a sub-3.00 ERA starter.  He's going to regress, probably to somewhere in the low to mid-4.00s in ERA.  Which is absolutely fine!

Yankees' World Series Shares Cut by $15,023
At least when the PHILLIES win the World Series, they can allocate the money properly...

Ryan Howard of Phillies struggles against breaking balls - Tom Verducci
Thanks for the tip, Tom.

The Chosun Ilbo (English Edition): Park Chan-ho Has First Day as a Yankee

Outfielder Greg Golson was originally given 61, but it was handed over to Park as "part of the Yankees' plan to accommodate their newest player," the New York Times reported. Park threw 35 pitches on Tuesday, combining both fastballs and variations, and the team's staff expressed their satisfaction.

Good luck with all that.

Marson has a lot on his shoulders | News
With Carlos Santana well on his way, you wonder how long Lou Marson is going to stick in Cleveland.

Former pitcher throws curveballs at opponents on unemployment bill
You know, I'm glad the Phillies are good right now, so Jim Bunning's jackassery doesn't constitute the "face of the franchise" on the nightly news.

R-Phils Name Top 10 Promotions For 2010
No better place to watch a baseball game than Reading -- I mean, you have a crazy hot dog guy!!