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Some Phillies Links for You: March 30, 2010

Phillies Notebook: Phillies soon to announce fifth starter
Stop making a big production of it, we all know the answer.

Eric Hinske Homer Helps Braves Beat Phillies Monday, 5-4
Eric Hinske comes up in a meaningful late-game situation against the Phillies. Big contrast...

Her quest for Phils tix led to 'buckets' of humiliation | Philadelphia Daily News
Thanks for the invitation to the pity party!

Paul Hagen: Is it time to worry about Phillies leftfielder Ibanez? | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/30/2010
The time to worry was last November, before he was signed to the big three year deal. The "damage" is done.

Philadelphia Phillies and Scotts Bring Citizens Bank Park to Fans' Backyards
If the neighbor's dog makes on it, you're allowed to kick it.

Laurel Hill Cemetery exhibit honors Kalas
I know times are tight, but a cemetery selling tickets to an event? With hot dogs?

South Jerseyans turn love of Phils into art
Featuring photographic evidence of the apostate Red Phanatic.

Breaking down the NL East | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/30/2010
I love how "Intangibles" becomes an objective evaluative criterion. And thus "tangible." I'm going back to bed.

Former draft pick Kerfeld helping Phillies off the field
Is this the dude who used to wear the pink "Jetsons" t-shirt under his uniform in Houston?

Jim Thome, the Twins' version of 'The Natural,' is a natural fit with this team
So he was destined to be the greatest pitcher ever, shot in the stomach by a crazy stalker fan, and made a comeback decades later? Yup, sums Jim Thome up pretty well.

Crashburn Alley " Leave Dom Brown Alone!
Bill comes to the obvious conclusion -- it's too soon for Domonic Brown, regardless of any need at the big league level.