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Some Phillies Links For You - March 31, 2010: A Farewell to Werth's Beard, Mini-Dynasty Hype, Brad Lidge problems - The Beard is Gone (A Tribute)
The Phillies blogosphere really outdid itself during the whole Jayson Werth Beard Era. It was a glorious time, but we flew just a little too close to the sun... we'll always have Photo Day.

Jayson Werth's Beard Receives Internet Funeral - Dan Levy - The Sporting Blog - Sporting News

YouTube - R.I.P. Jayson Werth's Beard
I'm not sure if this is creepiest or funniest thing I've ever seen, but here we go. And he used my Lebowski Photoshop, giving me credit in the process, so thanks whomever you are.

R.I.P. Jayson Werth's Beard (via kad952)


Morning Bytes: Dynasty? Perish the thought, Phillies fans | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/31/2010
Jeez, talk about going for every single reverse black cat possible.

SB Nation's 2010 MLB Previews: Philadelphia Phillies, New-Look But Same-Look - SB Nation
Here's a Phillies preview that I wrote for SBNation over the weekend. P.S.: I didn't choose the picture, you ghouls.

Dodgers’ Jonathan Broxton brings the heat - Los Angeles Times
I do feel just a little guilty about the campaign of terror that the Phillies have waged against this guy over the past two postseasons. Wait, no I don't. Fatty fat!!

Five most undervalued defenders -
Three Phillies among the five, in this oddly formatted, tiny article.

Countdown to return of Phillies closer Lidge | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/31/2010
The question is whether Charlie will stick with him if he continues to suck this year.

Why The Loss Of Chan Ho Park, and Not Cliff Lee, Is The Bigger Loss | Bleacher Report

Upon reading the headline for this article you are sitting there saying to yourself that I’m an idiot.

It's like you read my mind and shit!

Phillies Notebook: Phillies ready to test bullpen | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/31/2010
Cover your eyes.

Sam Donnellon: For Flyers, the captain isn't the problem | Philadelphia Daily News | 03/31/2010

I thought losing Aaron Rowand would hurt the Phillies and I am still not sure that it didn't at first. But I have been told too many times for it not to be true that Chase Utley is that guy now. And Utley says nothing, at least publicly.

I don't know if there's been a worse paragraph in the history of human written communication.