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BREAKING: Phillies, Jamie Moyer agree to two-year contract extension

Reports of the death of Jamie Moyer's career have been greatly exaggerated.

Apparently the result of a run of stellar Grapefruit League appearances, the Philadelphia Phillies have come to terms with the 47 year old lefty on a two year, $14 million contract extension, which reportedly includes a third year player option at $9.5 million that could keep him in Philadelphia through 2013 and past his 50th birthday.

Phillies General Manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. expressed his excitement at the prospect of keeping Moyer around for a few more years:  "Jamie is truly a unique talent.   We could not be happier to have gotten this deal done.  We are honored to have him work toward 300 victories with us and hope to keep him here into his 50s."  Phillies President David Montgomery joined Amaro in his praise of the Souderton native: "We sorely missed Jamie from our rotation in the playoffs last year, the absence of his leadership became evident in the World Series."
Moyer, who is just 42 wins shy of 300, says that he feels as good as he has in the last 10 years.  "I feel like I am 38 years old.  300 wins is right around the corner, and I have no doubt I will reach it in the Phillies uniform, whether during this contract or next.  I am in great physical condition and I am ready to honor this commitment to the Phillies as long as I am lucid."


Should Moyer pitch in 2013, he'd be the first pitcher over age 50 to appear in the Major Leagues since Satchel Paige appeared in a single game for the Kansas City A's in 1965 at the age of 58.

Field correspondent jonk contributed to this report.