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Some Phillies Links for You - April 2, 2010: Injuries, Depth, Contract Years

With Polanco, Phils' lineup even better | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/02/2010
This all assumes little to no age or injury related decline from the likes of Ryan Howard and Chase Utley...

Phillies' pitching depth strained | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/02/2010
Don't forget: Rodrigo Lopez started seven games in 2009.

Phillies' Werth heading into "The Contract Year" | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/02/2010
Goodbye, Jayson.

Savery seeks consistency in '10 -
This is Joe Savery's last chance to salvage anything resembling legit prospect status.

Switch to first likely for Feliz with Berkman on DL
Pedro Feliz is going to be playing first base for a major league baseball team.

DeMarco: Phillies primed, ready to regain crown
All this love from the national press just feels weird.

Baseball Gets Defensive -

It's not clear that defense is the key to winning a World Series. John Dewan, the founder of BIS, says that since he began releasing his fielding statistics in 2003, only one team—the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies—has made it to the World Series while leading its league in runs saved.

The 2008 Phillies were really neat!

Twitter / Troy Renck, Rockies: The Phillies are kicking the tires on Tim Redding
In light of his inexplicable dominance of the Phillies, is this just to keep Tim Redding off any other team?

The Fightins " Doug Glanville To Join ESPN
A bright guy who will surely raise the average IQ of the ESPN punditariat by at least a few points. Good luck, Dougie!

Dykstra Drops Predatory Lending Suit - Bankruptcy Beat - WSJ
WTF? Former Met Lenny Dykstra turns out to be a moron. Who knew?

Crashburn Alley " A Rational Response to Curt Schilling
Crash breaks down Curt Schilling's comments about the Phillies keeping Cliff Lee. I generally despise broad pronouncements like "They would have definitely won a World Series if [fill in blank.]" You don't know. No one knows.