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Some Phillies Links for You, April 27, 2010: The Howard Investment, For What It's Werth

Baseball Prospectus | Ahead in the Count: Ryan Howard and the New MORP
Blogger Emeritus Matt Swartz breaks down the Ryan Howard contract (subscription req'd)

Phillies Notebook: Will Jayson Werth get new deal from Phillies? | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/27/2010
I'd like to think so, but I doubt it. They've got an awful lot tied up in Raul Ibanez for another year, and Shane Victorino.

Inside the Phillies: After Howard's extension, eyes turn to Werth, Rollins | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/27/2010

Hitting instructor Milt Thompson compares Rollins to Rickey Henderson without the walks as a leadoff man.

That's funny, because I've been described as George Clooney without the charm, looks, and charisma.

High-priced trio complicates money matters for Phillies
Counting on an awful lot of health, too.

Phillies still have enough for Werth?
This would result in so much money tied up in just a few players. Players who are getting old.

Minor Leagues: BlueClaws defeat Grasshoppers, 8-6
GREENSBORO, N.C. - Adam Buschini's grand slam homer in the top of the fifth inning carried the Lakewood BlueClaws past the Greensboro Grasshoppers, 8-6, in the South Atlantic League on Monday.

Halladay hits bump, takes first loss | News
The Giants took an aggressive approach and swung early in the count against Halladay. I'm sure he'll learn and adjust.

Bucks artist presents Phillies manager Charlie Manuel with original oil
Wow. Can someone paint me yelling at people at work? I'd like that.

Washington Nationals Lose 4-3 In 10 To Chicago Cubs On Walk-off Walk. - Federal Baseball
Just when they start to look reasonably competent, something like this happens.

Fish Wrap - Marlins 10, Padres 1 - FishStripes
At least one NL East ace dominated on Monday night -- Josh Johnson struck out a career high 10 Padres and chipped in 3 RBIs of his own.

Renewed optimism abounds as Astros approach .500 | Baseball | - Houston Chronicle
What a difference a Lance Berkman makes.