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Some Phillies Links For You, April 28, 2010: Strasburg Railroaded, THE_REAL_METS

Phillies in unfamiliar spot: second place | News
Because being in first place in May meant so much for the Mets last season.

Lidge shows he's ready for Phillies after Reading outing
This would be terrific if true.

Werth talks with Phillies at an impasse? - Yahoo! Sports
I'm kind of assuming everything I read right now is negotiation strategy. On the other hand, I remain very pessimistic about Jayson Werth's return.

Once scrappy underdogs, Phils are now behemoths

The Phillies were the team that came from oblivion to catch and pass the Mets in two consecutive stretch drives, and it wasn't because they had more talent; it was about character.

I stopped reading right here.

Phillies Notes: Lincecum at top; Hamels climbing
So now we're slagging Cole Hamels for not being as good as Tim Lincecum? Good show.

Mets 10, Dodgers 5: Offense Explodes, Perez Implodes - Amazin' Avenue
Mets sweep doubleheader, take first place, I sorta crap pants.

Friars reel in Marlins, 4-1 final - Gaslamp Ball
At least the Marlins have also been mediocre lately.

Improving Braves fall to the Birds 5-4 - Talking Chop
Now the Braves have lost seven in a row. Thank goodness.

Washington Nationals' Livan Hernandez Beats Chicago Cubs, 3-1 Final. - Federal Baseball
Okay everyone, joke's over, you can stop pretending to be flummoxed by Livan Hernandez now.