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Some Phillies Links For You: Opening Day!, Hype Halladay - April 5, 2010

Bill Conlin: How much of a wallop will Phils' 1-2 punch pack?
I don't get it. Just a backhanded swipe at Cole Hamels?

Lidge getting close for Phillies
But is this going to be a repeat of 2009, where Brad Lidge says he's perfectly fine, but then gives up four hits and two walks in two-thirds of an inning?

Martinez basks in Fenway glow again - The Boston Globe
Ask him if he's doing anything later this summer...

Phillies slow it down with Brown -
There's no need to rush Domonic Brown right now. Hopefully there won't be.

Rule 5 draftee Herndon makes Phillies | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/05/2010
These outcomes are always exciting, but hopefully he pitches well enough to merit keeping on the roster all season.

Those who have faced Phillies' Halladay agree he is best in the business | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/05/2010
I really hope that, in the event Roy Halladay has a nice season but not a fantastic one (16-10, 3.20 ERA), that the fanbase doesn't turn on him. The hype is almost suffocating.

Radio play-by-play man Franzke on call for more Phillies drama | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/05/2010
I love Franzke but think he's best suited for radio.

Bill Conlin: Comparing the Phillies' two World Series winners | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/05/2010
A lot of words.

Lee trade will hover all season long | | Courier-Post
Along with his strained abdomen.  Phillies today