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Some Phillies Links For You - April 6, 2010: Draining the DC Swamp, Jason Heyward cures diseases

Wait, is this the old guy who beats that dude up on the bus?  (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Wait, is this the old guy who beats that dude up on the bus? (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)
Getty Images  Phillies fans invade D.C.
Fun day!

McNabb on backburner as Phillies open up 2010
I would like to punch every single person featured in this article. Morons.

Nelson Figueroa: Phillies interested in Figueroa?
Is Travis Lee looking for work?

Pedro preparing to pitch - Sports Rumors - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
"Martinez supposedly prefers an East Coast National League team." -- Not too many of those among the contenders.

Polanco makes an instant impact with Phils | | The Daily Journal
It was great to see Polanco play so well, in the field and at the plate.

Selig says Halladay deal was good for baseball | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/06/2010
Now that Bud Selig has chimed in on it, we can all rest easy.

Stairs ties record while playing for his 12th team -
This occupies something of a middle ground between proud accomplishment and dubious honor, but regardless... good luck, Matt.


Around the NL East, you know!

Mets 7, Marlins 1: This Is How You Do It - Amazin' Avenue
Johan Santana won the Ace Battle against Josh Johnson, with David Wright smacking his first HR of the season.

Sakes Alive! 16-to-5! Braves Annihilate Cubs in Home Opener - Talking Chop
Has anyone claimed the domain "" yet? - Braves rookie already has fans singing
Wonderful news.... (eyeroll)

MLB Happy Stuff

Buehrle's play in fifth inning leaves everyone in awe :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Sports
Seriously, ridiculous.

Lincecum dazzling in opening victory | News
Young Tim the Enchanter picks up where he left off. Imagine where he'd go with his life if he didn't use marijuana...