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Some Phillies Links for You - April 7, 2010: The Worst Day Off, Domonic Brown Shows Why

Brown is R-Phils' diamond in the rough
Your next right fielder, folks.

'Total package,' limitless potential
More on Domonic Brown.

Cosart wins award with Phillies
Congrats to Jarred, but hopefully he doesn't take winning the Bill Giles Award to mean that it's time to eat eat eat!

Sixers Differ on Strategy in Loss to Pistons

"Too bad there isn’t a Phillies game or a McNabb trade to keep you guys occupied tonight," Jordan said.

Don't blame the Phillies and Eagles because your team stinks, Eddie.

Selig didn't like that McNabb trade stole MLB's thunder - Bleeding Green Nation
Stop whining, Bud.  Isn't calling attention to your product's deficiencies/weaknesses the epitome of bad marketing?  Selig has been specializing in this for years.

Big change for Stutes - Sports - Republican Herald
I understand competitive drive and how it can motivate players, but what on earth is wrong with being a relief pitcher in the Major Leagues?

Players might charge owners conspired against free agents | Philadelphia Daily News | 04/07/2010
Interesting. Jason Marquis wanted more money, dammit!

Inside the Phillies: Return to D.C. brings memories of Kalas | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/07/2010
The one year anniversary is in a few days. Still really sad about everything.

Former MLB save leader Alfonseca among most recent Bluefish signees

Hamels takes his turn for Phillies | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/07/2010
I really, really hope Hamels does well tonight... if for no other reason than to shut up the haters.

Nats Nation? More like Phillies Nation at Nationals Park! |
Is it bad that I want to slap anyone who refers to their fanbase as a "Nation"?