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Some Phillies Links for You - April 8, 2010: 2-0 is fun, Reading Phillies to roll?

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R-Phils have high hopes
Between Gillies, Brown, and Aumont, there's a lot of talent there.  Team's value continues to climb
The Phillies franchise is worth less than the Mets and the Cubs. No wonder no one likes the National League.

Phillies' Blanton better, but Phils get Figueroa in case
Get better, Joe, and quickish.

Inside the Phillies: Kendrick has benefited from the Doc
Roy Halladay had a positive input on Kyle Kendrick... unless he stinks, in which case he didn't listen. Love this logic.

Hamels the beneficiary of Howard's tear | News
The catcher's body language the instant after Howard connects is priceless. Shades of Russell Martin/Matt Stairs.

The Fightins " Scott Mathieson Reportedly Amputates Catcher’s Arm
Holy eff. 103 MPH? With Mathieson, you worry about his own arm falling off eventually, though.

A Giant Misspelling ... A Jersey to Forget
h/t Talking Chop.  Not as bad as "NATINALS."

Pirates scoreboard video features traditional hot dog innuendo - Big League Stew - MLB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The Pirates have had the best scoreboard entertainment in MLB for a few years now.



Chipper Chops the Cubs as the Braves Comeback to Win - Talking Chop
I can already tell that this Braves team is going to be so very annoying. With bonus Jesus Heyward .gif pr0n in the new site banner.

Marlins 7, Mets 6: Nobody Likes a Tease - Amazin' Avenue
That was incredibly crummy baseball. Not that the Phillies were 100% pretty last night or anything.

Strikeouts still an issue for New York Mets first baseman Mike Jacobs
Mike Jacobs, a Kansas City Royals castoff, is playing first base for the New York Mets. Oh, and say hi to our old friend Andy Martino.