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Some Phillies Links for You, May 10, 2010 - Perfect A, Jayson Werth Puns, So-So Cole

Spotty Hamels bailed out by Phils bullpen
Yesterday is Exhibit #4,598 for "Why Wins For Pitchers Are Stupid." Cole Hamels kind of stunk and his command was awful, yet he got a "Win." He was brilliant last week, and a no-decision.

Wind saves Phillies' Lidge against Braves
Those two balls were crushed helluva far. I just about passed out.

Phillies Notes: Werth sinks Braves without pink
LOL what  Absolutely Werth it
At some point you have to stop extending your aging players. Unfortunately Jayson Werth seems like a much better bet to age well than Ryan Howard.

Phillies Notebook: Romero likes what he sees in bullpen
(Because he doesn't have to look at himself ZING!)

Halladay set for first start at Coors Field
If there's one guy I'm confident won't let it get to his head...

Police Taser drunk Tiger Woods fan at Players Championship in Sawgrass
Amazing that this guy from Philadelphia traveled so far just to get Tasered in Florida.

R-Phils' big eighth tops Aeros
The Reading Phillies used a four-run eighth inning to beat the Akron Aeros 5-2 Sunday at Reading.

Minor Leagues: Lakewood wins in 15 innings
And Domonic Brown is hitting .349. PhoulBallz Q&A With Jonathan Pettibone

Dallas Braden, Perfect Game: May 9, 2010
Obviously the big story from the weekend. What I love is all the Yankees fans moaning about how classless, etc., this guy is for dissing poor Alex Rodriguez. I was really confused, I thought they hated "A-Rod."

Washington Nationals 3-2 Over Florida Marlins, Another Livan Hernandez Gem
Livan Hernandez continues to pitch out of his mind and well past his peripherals.

Lincecum gets Cained, Rowand stays hot, Giants win - McCovey Chronicles
Mets take the series two games to one, however.