Stat Notes - May 11

Ruiz: After his 4-5, he is hitting .354 (3rd in the NL), with a .969 OPS (12th), and league-leading .481 OBP.
As mentioned before, this is a continuation of a hot streak that started Aug 1, 2009. Since then, the Phillies have played 108 games including 15 in the postseason, and Ruiz has a .973 OPS, second only to Werth's .980 over that time.

Victorino: with a big game last night (2 triples, 3 walks), his OPS is now up to .788, not far from his 2009 number of .803. The mix between on-base and slugging has changed however: OBP is much lower this year (from .358 to .295), while his Slugging Pct is up from .445 to .493, thanks to an increase in ISO from .153 to .243. These are numbers much better suited to the 7 slot than leadoff.

Howard continued his struggles, and facing a lefty didn't help. His BA of .278 is only a point below his career number, but with few walks and not much power to date, his OPS is a Feliz-esque .783.

Werth got his 17th double and 24th extra base hit, and he has a comfortable NL lead in both categories.

Kendrick's ERA moved only slightly, from 5.83 to 5.87, but the Phillies' team ERA surpassed Colorado's to go from 6th best in the NL, to 5th.

Last year in their first 32 games, Phillies starters had pitched 7 games in which they allowed more ER's than they had innings pitched (Blanton 2, Park 2, Moyer 2, Hamels 1). This year, while many games, like last night's, are far from stellar, they've only had two such games, and they were Kendrick's first 2 starts of the year. (I am knocking on wood as I write this.)

Homers in the Phillies last 7 games: Phillies 11, Opponents 0. The longest homerless string in '09 was 4 games (done 3 times).

The Phils are tied with St. Louis for the best record in the NL at 20-12 (.625).