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Phillies-Blue Jays series relocated from Toronto to Philadelphia: UPDATE - CONFIRMED

UPDATE: Confirmed.  See MLB press release.


David Murphy reports that the June 25-27 Interleague series between the Phillies and Blue Jays will be relocated from Toronto to Philadelphia due to security issues associated with the G-20 Summit, being held in Toronto at the same time.

If you're a scholarly man-of-the-world such as myself, you know that these huge mondo economic summits attract all manner of protesters, some more peaceful than others.  Motives of the protesters aside, the possibility of violence and the associated security risks involved were apparently too much for MLB and the local authorities to worry about.

Unless there's going to be some fancy and borderline miraculous schedule juggling, this presents a number of interesting issues.  First, basic fairness: Is it "fair" for the Phillies to get 84 home games in a season?  Even if they play as the away team, with AL rules, the home-field advantage is still mostly present.  Second, how do you split the revenue?

Basically, it's a raw deal for Blue Jays fans, and it's more or less inexcusable that MLB/Blue Jays/Phillies didn't address this situation when they first learned of it in the spring (or before)