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Some Phillies Links for You, May 18, 2010: Hanley Lopes, BIG PELF, Hamels' Voyage

Phillies' Happ making progress; Lidge gets cortisone shot
Well, this is a mixed bag.

Huge Hour For Philly Sports Fans
Countless children and spouses will be ignored for one evening.

What would a third Cliff Lee trade mean for the Phillies?
Included at least in part for the comments section. Truly beautiful, pure stupidity in them thar comments!

Phillies Notebook: Utley out of Phillies' lineup with illness
I always thought "flu-like symptoms" was a euphemism for one of two things (or a combination of the two): 1. Hangover; 2. The runs.

Bobbleheads a trend that never ends for fans, teams | Philadelphia Daily News
Am I the only person who has no time for these collectibles and stuff?

Crashburn Alley - Blog Archive - Cole Hamels is the Unluckiest Man on the Face of the Earth
Get Lucky, Cole.

The Fightins " Cole Hamels wants to arouse his consciousness immediately
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... Cole Amyls!



Mets 3, Braves 2: Pelfrey Stops The Bleeding - Amazin' Avenue
At this point should we be happy or sad that the Mets beat the Braves?

Diamondbacks 5, Marlins 1: Welcome to BizarroWorld, FL. - AZ Snakepit
And Hanley Ramirez was benched for loafing after a ball on a botched play. Yikes. I knew I liked him.

Washington Nationals Drop 4th Straight, 6-2 To St. Louis Cardinals...Drew Storen Strikes Matt Holliday Out. - Federal Baseball
The Nationals seem to be coming back to earth a bit.