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Some Phillies Links for You: May 2, 2010

Given the late starting time for tonight's game and that I've seen at least four interesting items in my Sunday papers, I'll kick us off with a Sunday open links thread. If you've seen others, feel free to join in the comments.

An Unlikely Thorn Keeps Jabbing at the Phillies

You're not paranoid; Rod Barajas really is out to get you.

End of Win Streak Hurts, and That's a Promising Sign

No, it's not. Getting the Mets numbed up to losing again aids the digestion.

Length of Deal Highlights Howard's Flaws

Dan Rosenheck just lit a flaming pile on RAJ's doorstep and rang the doorbell. Run!

Contract - plus Cox's comments - reignite comparison

Bobby Cox just lit a flaming pile on Ryan Howard's doorstep and rang the doorbell. Run! (WTG Bobby Cox for bridging the painful WIP/SABR Phillies fan divide)

Ballplayers Join Protest of New Law

This story just continues to grow legs. It will be interesting to see how far the MLBPA will go here. Arizona doesn't just have the Diamondbacks, but a lot of minor league facilities.

Phils Lost this Fan Forever

LOL Mike Cybularz. For the rest of you young bucks out there who like to trade in absolutes, take it from me, a fairly elder statesman-type on the blog. Life is long. What goes around comes around. Enjoy the good times and go see minor league games/ explore other stadiums when times are bad. As my high school track coach used to say: Keep running. You never know if lightning is going to strike the sunofabitch in front of you.

Reading wastes 8-run inning

Apparently there's some fella named Brown who can slug it.