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Some Phillies Links for You, May 21, 2010: Big Truck Closes, Sluggin' Jimmy Rollins

Manuel comments on Halladay's workload | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/20/2010

"His next outing, I don't want to see him throw 125 pitches, because I feel like over the course of a year, it can definitely wear him down," Manuel said.


Ortiz: Pedro still hoping to sign mid-season - MLB-
I'm torn between wanting him back, and hoping that the Phillies aren't in a position where they'll need him, if that makes sense.

Lidge thinks cortisone shot is working | News
The question is, does it matter?

Bob Ford: 'Big Truck' Contreras happy to give Phils a lift
I just want to say that I love this nickname.  Cuban connection solidifies bullpen
Scarface dies at the end.

No doubt about it, New York City now Yankeetown -
This strikes me as unnecessary and cruel, like many things associated with New York "journalism."

Weekend could see Rollins back in leadoff spot
I actually like middle-of-the-order Jimmy Rollins, as it de-emphasizes his relatively low OBP, but if he keeps hitting like he's been hitting since he got back (and like he was hitting before his injury), it doesn't even matter.

Bill Conlin: Manuel finds right place for his usual leadoff man

Inconsistent Red Sox have no time to waste in tough AL East
Nothing like an Interleague series with the notoriously terrible-versus-the-AL Phillies to right the ship.

Conrad Slams The Braves To A Seven Run Ninth Inning Comeback - Talking Chop
You might have heard about this. The immortal Brooks Conrad with the walk-off grand slam against the Reds, who blew an 8-0 lead.

Mets 10, Nationals 7: Maine Spills, Valdes Cleans Up - Amazin' Avenue
Starting pitcher John Maine pulled after one batter and five pitches for "precautionary reasons" despite no discernible injury. LOL