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Just a Few Phillies Links for You, May 25, 2010: Obsessed!, Successful Phestival

New York Mets aware of slide by Philadelphia Phillies, out to show they can top NL East leaders
Talk about "obsession" and "inferiority complex..."

After Yankees Series, Mets Turn Focus to Their Bigger Rival, the Phillies -
This reads like something out of the Inquirer three years ago with the teams reversed.

Vomiting Phillies fan from Cherry Hill is due in court | -
I hope the CSI cats examined the "evidence" and found Ben's Chili Bowl remnants, thus proving he was from DC and a Nationals fan.

Fans turn out for Phillies Phestival
Awesome stuff.

Five pressing questions about Phillies | Philadelphia Daily News | 05/25/2010

4 How much concern should there be over shortstop Jimmy Rollins?

A lot. It's not just that he has strained his right calf twice now. It's that he has done it in mundane ways. Limbering up before a game. Running to first on a basehit. So even if he comes off the disabled list in 2 weeks and it doesn't bother him again all season, it's got to be in the back of the Phillies' minds that it could pop again at any time.

After shaky start, Flande finds his groove for R-Phils
And Domonic Brown smacked a two run home run. The kid is good.

Mets' Dickey makes first of two starts tonight
Great, another knuckleballer...

Manuel not crazy about interleague play
You tell 'em, Charlie.