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Rink-a-Dink Links For You, May 26, 2010: Dickey Jokes; Vomit Assaults; That Team You've Watched the Last 3 Days is Loaded with All-Stars

R. A. Dickey tosses gem as Mets blank Phillies, 8-0. Would have been better if the Phillies had tossed Dickey...anyways, dick jokes aside, did you know that Dickey is missing an actual ligament in his arm? Did you know the Phillies are missing a shortstop? And yet one of them finds a way to win. More coverage.

Knuckleballer collusion!  If you thought the Phillies' approach against knuckleballers was all wrong, here's the match for your gasoline. Who needs to steal signs when you can just pick up your phone and dial yesterday's successful pitcher?

NJ man admits to vomit assault at Phillies game. Thank God the sentencing of this idiot wasn't at Citi Field last night, or we could have re-enacted Spartacus. I was hoping that the Delaware County Daily Times website would feature this story so we could enjoy the comments, but alas.

William H. Pflaumer, 76, Owned Schmidt's brewery. For those who remember the beers that went with the baseball from long ago, report of the death of a Philadelphia original.

Despite Phillies' Lead, Manager Is Wary of Mets.  Aw, Charlie, we liked the first draft of your comments so much better.

Zolecki: Lidge could be activated early next week. And everybody gets to travel to Florida, for one reason or another.

Phillies dominate all-star voting. Now let's hope they don't face a knuckleballer. Utley, Rollins, Werth... and Victorino and Polanco. Ruiz and Howard are second in their positions. And if you're having inferiority issues with New York this morning, see here. And who's to blame for our old pal Pat Burrell being 4th in AL DH voting?

Blame Phillies fans. With another sellout against the Red Sox on Sunday afternoon, the Phillies were the first team to pass one-million fans this season…in just 23 games. The Phillies have 65 consecutive sellouts, and clearly those fans have an affinity for Burrell. Therefore, expect to see Burrell's numbers increase once Phillies fans realize their hometown favoritism has actually gotten him in the running. This could have Betty White-like ramifications.

If you, like I, heartily endorse this, by all means, do that sexyclick and give the Bat your own all-star shower of Love!

NFL thinks outside the box with New Jersey Super Bowl in 2014. Somewhere in the tropics, a butterfly is now flapping its wings that will create the weather that somehow will affect the Eagles. You just know it.

Marlins 6, Braves 4: Kawakami Makes 007 Look Bad as Braves Fall to Fish: Talking Chop  

But the good news is, Jason Heyward will soon cure a dread disease at this rate. Wow.

Giants 4, Nationals 2: Giants demolish Nationals, score four runs: McCovey Chronicles. If you think the Phillies' offensive slump has been bad...

Damn good stuff in the minor league roundup after the jump...

Future Shock: Rays, Phillies, Twins. Kevin Goldstein picks through the detrius of the Cliff Lee trade at Prospectus, where early returns aren't so good (subscription required, but really nothing that PhillyFriar hasn't already reported). Hellickson for Ibanez (::bangs pipe::)? Or are the Rays done with aging Phillies leftfielders?

Lehigh Valley IronPigs 2, Buffalo Bisons 1. Carpenter, Zagurski, and Mathieson (S-8) combine on the win. Hey Pigs, can you express that dreamcatcher to New York? Or to Dobbs?

''We feel like after three years here, losing balls in the air and whatever, we're playing on a [bleeping] Indian burial ground,'' IronPigs manager Dave Huppert said with a smirk forming on his face. ''We'll try anything right now.''

Reading Phillies 6, Portland Sea Dogs 0. Cheers to Drew Naylor, who threw a complete game, 3-hit shutout (1BB, 6K), first R-Phil to go the distance since 2007. And some guy named Domonic Brown hit 2 triples.

Dunedin Jays 10, Clearwater Threshers 8.

Runs came early and often against the streaking Blue Jays, but they were coughed right back up. At the plate, Gose, Overbeck, and Mitchell with some nice nights. Budding lefty-masher Derrick Mitchell's last 10 games are worth a peek.

Lakewood BlueClaws 9, Hagerstown Suns 2..  The line of the night goes to Jonathan Singleton, in line to be Ryan Howard's up-and-coming ghost if he keeps this stuff up. 4-4 with a home run and three 2-out RBIs.