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Some Phillies Links For You, May 3, 2010: Zzzzzzap! Tasered!, Bullpen Bluez, Bye Rat...

From brotherly love to 'Don't taze me, bro' for Phillies fan
I want to personally thank this guy for making me have to defend his actions for the rest of my life when out-of-towners invoke all the usual suspects in the world of Philadelphia fan savagery. - New Video: Fan Tasered for Running Onto Field at Citizens Bank Park
Tasers are potentially lethal instruments, there was no reason why it had to be used in this instance.

Phillies Notebook: Lidge, Romero need to return to form soon for Phillies
At least Brad Lidge looked good last night (although he teased us last year with some nice outings, too).

Blanton solid in return, but Phils take loss | News
Speaks volumes as to the team's faith in its bullpen that Blanton stayed out there, and then was replaced with Nelson Effing Figueroa, the Man with No Strikeout Pitch.

Phillies fans stubborn Lee faithful | Philadelphia Daily News
Fans notoriously don't look past the present, and it's not their jobs to do so.

Braves' Wagner to retire at end of season | Philadelphia Daily News
90% sure this is a drama queen move.  That said, if the Braves are out of the race come July (unlikely), I'd bring him back.

Bullpen blues: Toe injury could sideline Madson for a 'significant' stretch.
Nice one, Ryan. Next time, kick Dubee or something.

Crashburn Alley - Video: Howard, Ibanez, Halladay Q&A
Great find: Video of Ryan Howard, Raul Ibanez, and Roy Halladay taking questions at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce gathering this past offseason.

Phillies Notes: Rollins will need more time to heal
More good news...

Minor Leagues: Indians beat IronPigs, 4-1
I think Joe Savery is just about done as a serious prospect.

NL Quick Pitch: Move over, a star is born with Ubaldo Jimenez
The guy has just been ridiculous so far. Getting ahead of myself, but winning a Cy Young Award while pitching in Colorado would be an amazing achievement. That said, Go Doc!

Reds 3, Mets 2: Nix Blasts Off, Acosta Accosted - Amazin' Avenue
Mets lose in 11 innings.