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Just a Few Phillies Links For You, May 5, 2010: Non-Taser Edition

So I went onto the Web with the goal of putting together a timely, non-Taser set of links for this morning. On principle, I'm done talking about it: 1. I think obsessing over it and continuing the discussion is just giving encouragement to other ghouls to do the same thing (i.e., 9th inning on Tuesday); and 2. There's really nothing else to say.  I want to talk about baseball, and I want to talk about Cole Hamels looking like an ace last night, about Jose Contreras and Brad Lidge being absolutely sick out of the bullpen, and Carlos Ruiz becoming a stout offensive force.

But the rest of the Internet disagrees. Virtually nothing Phillies related not involving the fan-on-the-field issue. Sigh.  Here's a few things for you to read.

Phillies beat Cardinals on Ruiz walkoff homer in 10th inning | Philadelphia Daily News

JOSE CONTRERAS walked to the mound with a packed house around him, a tie game on the scoreboard above him, nine innings of drama behind him, and one thought on his mind. "I have to do this," he said to himself. "My mother is actually here."

Modesta Camejo attended her first baseball game last night. She watched her 38-year-old son play a boy's game for the first time in her life. And, thanks to a game-winning home run by Carlos Ruiz and a spectacular eight-inning pitching performance by Cole Hamels, she watched both him and his teammates record a much-needed victory.

Absolutely awesome.

Phillies Notebook: Phillies kicking around options with Madson out 2 months | Philadelphia Daily News
Phillies declining to punish Ryan Madson for his, um, idiocy in the Chair Kick of 2010.

Wheels & T-Mac Get Awkward - Chicks Dig The Long Ball
A strange and touching moment in the booth last night between Tom McCarthy and Chris Wheeler.

Crashburn Alley - Carlos Ruiz Walking the Walk
Good timing on this piece by Bill. It's getting to the point where you want to capture more of the benefit of his high OBP by moving him up in the order.

Bill Conlin: Exposing the hazards of long-tossing | Philadelphia Daily News
Wherein Bill Conlin fancies himself an exercise physiologist, and determines that none of the prospects in the Cliff Lee/Roy Halladay deals will ever be as good as the stars for whom they were traded. Well, yeah. And way to base that on less than a month's worth of data.

Minor Leagues: IronPigs take out Indianapolis, 3-1 | Philadelphia Inquirer
Good stuff in the minors yesterday.

Stephen Strasburg moves one step from majors, called up to Class AAA Syracuse
Harrisburg weeps.