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One for the Aged: Phillies 7, Braves 0

I am telling you all. I saw this. In person, too, from a perch high in section 419. If I had seen it on TV, I might have thought it to be some kind of cleverly disguised, special effect'd charade, a kind of strange baseball pageant akin to late Soviet-era parades designed to convince us all that Leonid Breznev was still alive and fully in control, as soldiers marched impressively around the block wearing cardboard belts and such.

And yet, here is this scorecard, in front of me. Jamie Moyer, at age 47, pitched a complete game shutout against the Atlanta Braves, becoming the oldest person in major league history ever to have done so. Granted: it was a lineup devoid of Jason Heyward and Brian McCann, and one that had nearly checked into a local crisis center after nearly getting no-hit by the Nationals' Scott Olsen the night before. Moyer faced only one batter over the minimum, and only first baseman Troy Glaus was able to get hits (two) off of him. He threw 9 groundouts (one GIDP), 12 fly outs, and struck out five. He walked no one.

Mind you don't pull anything as you follow me over the jump for details.

Top of the world, Jamie Moyer!



Some other game highlights:

  • Between Glaus singles in the second and eighth, Moyer retired 17 Braves in a row. Because Glaus was erased on a double play in the second, Moyer still had a chance to face the minimum number of batters until the 8th, when David Ross hit a fly ball.
  • Best moment of the game might well have been Moyer's 11-pitch at-bat to lead off the Phillies' 8th against Jesse Chavez. As on Sunday night, the crowd got louder as each pitch was thrown. Moyer eventually flew out to left.
  • Jayson Werth slugged his second 3-run home run in consecutive days, as well as a double.
  • The Phillies knocked out Derek Lowe in the fifth inning after Placido Polanco, Chase Utley, and Ryan Howard hit singles to left field. Raul Ibanez hit a 2-run single, and, after an intentional walk to Carlos Ruiz, shortstop Wilson Valdez hit another 2-run single, both with two outs.
  • Shane Victorino was 0-5 at the plate, but made a wonderful catch on the run of a ball hit by Omar Infante to lead off the 4th inning. Ryan Howard also made an over-the-shoulder catch of David Ross's pop fly down the first base line to end the 5th inning.
  • Braves relievers Jonny Venters and Craig Kimbrel threw clean innings in the 6th and 7th. Venters in particular throws very hard, although a bit wild; Kimbrel struck out Ibanez and Ruiz after allowing a leadoff double to Werth.
  • Yes! It was an Over/Under/Never event (CG by pitcher other than Roy Halladay). Mark your scorecards and pay attention to whether Bobby Cox gets bounced this weekend.
  • There were actually two Over/Under/Never events (3-pitch top of the second). WOWOWOWOW

And as the stank of Icy/Hot wafts over the lockerroom, I bid you all a good night. See you all Saturday afternoon at 3:10, as RHP Kris Medlen (1-1, 2.55) vs. RHP Joe Blanton (0-1, 5.40).