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A Few Phillies Links for You, June 10, 2010: Lee to Yankees, Biddle Day, Werth Beef

Phillies Notes: Werth to return to Phillies' lineup
Well, that's good... and expected?

Alleged beef between Manuel-Werth diffused
Most laid-back beef since Biggie/Tupac.

Sentence Due In Sex-For-Tickets Case
Hopefully this matter is winding down to its inevitable, ugly conclusion.

Awards assembly takes on a Phillie flair

One call [Biddle] never had the chance to answer was from the late Phillies legend Robin Roberts. About a year ago, Biddle was introduced to Roberts through a family friend. The two talked often. Roberts advised Biddle as he weighed skipping college and signing when drafted. Biddle has a scholarship to the University of Oregon that he will forgo. "He really helped me be able to get a better-educated idea of what it takes," Biddle said.

Holy crap, that's awesome.

Happ to start for R-Phillies
please be healthy please be healthy

The Yankees will get Cliff Lee one way or another

The Yankees were willing to include top catching prospect Jesus Montero in a package for Lee, according to two sources. But the Phillies’ overall asking price was so high, the talks never advanced, another source said.

Dammit, Ruben... I still think Cliff Lee to the Yankees was pre-ordained from the minute he absolutely demolished them in Game One last season.

Washington Nationals Win 7-5 Over Pittsburgh Pirates In Quiet Nats Park. - Federal Baseball
The Nationals continue to play baseball the other four days out of the schedule, it seems.

Heyward and McLouth Collide as the Braves Fall to the Diamondbacks 2-1 - Talking Chop
Phillies now 1.5 games back in standings, to the extent that that matters at this point in the season.