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Phriday Phillies Links Phor You, June 11, 2010: Dawning of the Age of Aquariums, Dobbs Cockroach'd!

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This time, Johnson outduels Halladay as Marlins beat the Phillies, 2-0. Or this recap, as we, understandably, just didn't have the energy for it last night. Last 6 Halladay starts? 11 runs. The Phillies have reached last year's shutout total for the season. On to Boston and New York! Pack them big boy hittin' pants! I'm looking at you, Wertz.

New Marlins ballpark features two giant aquariums behind home. Check out the new drorings of the Bagel Slicer!

Makeup date for Wednesday's rainout is Sept. 6. Maybe Rollins will be off the DL by then. MMMMaybe.

Strasburg's Second Start Bumps Phillies-Red Sox from TBS Lineup. In a related story, Strasburg: New hotness. Phils: Old and busted.

Dodgers tap into "V" energy. But Broxton drew the hanging man. I see a future of truly ugly McCourt divorce proceedings! (h/t to Jay at Let's Go Tribe for tipping me on this one).

Phillies Struggle But Manage to Stay Upbeat. And you all thought I was embellishing stuff about Vic in the Pat the Bat series.

Greg Dobbs found a cockroach the size of a cellphone in his locker at Citizens Bank Park on Thursday. At least the teammate who put it there, Shane Victorino, trapped it in a plastic container.

"If it was out," Dobbs said, "I would have taken a bat and smashed my whole locker."

So the new joke is: Greg Dobbs can't even hit a cockroach in a plastic container! And for those of you Dobbs-rage'd out there, h/t Tug Haines of the Fightins for putting out there what we're all thinking.

Phantastic Voyage. Speaking of Vic, I hereby nominate myself to live blog this event on SBN's dime. I'd make us proud.

Phillies should shake up bench. Oh, fine. If you prefer the high-minded analysis, see what Bill Baer at Crashburn Alley proposes. I just wish we could make all these moves while we have Chollie distracted on a spa day o' beauty, then blindfold him and bring him back to the clubhouse, take off the blindfold, and see what his expression would be.

Paul Hagen: Sellouts and success hard to maintain for MLB teams. When will all these sellouts and shutouts lead to the Phillies selling out?

Arizona Diamondbacks need infusion of credibility. No they don't, silly, they need the last year of Raul Ibanez's contract. Oh, and Danys Baez too. And Greg Dobbs. Wotta package!

Confident first-rounder Biddle signs with Phils. Welcome, kid. Now make with it the outz, Jesse Biddle.

Future Shock: Draft Wrap: NL East. (subscription req'd)  Kevin Goldstein sizes us all up. Thankfully, he thinks highly of Gauntlett Eldemire.

Kid Drinking Beer at Phillies Game Video - Removed from YouTube. Back to the porn, everyone.

No Jail Time in Phillies Sex-for-Tickets Case. Because in jail, you can't trade sex for anything. Bottom line: World Series tickets in exchange for 100 hours of community service. Not a bad deal really.

Braves 11, D-Backs 7. Coverage from Talking Chop. This one awash in bullpennery, but alas. So much for my wacky idear of thinking Willis was worth anything.

Padres 4, Mets 2. and Mets 3, Padres 0. Coverage from Amazin' Avenue. This guy David Niese, he worries me. Word is he's had mad hammie problems in the past, but last night threw a 1-hitter. Oh, and hey! the Mets are tied for second in the division.

Nationals 4, Pirates 2. Coverage from Federal Baseball. Just rounding up a night full of Baseball Teh Suck. For the right amount of money, you can have something soft and chalky to throw at your TV. And zOMG Strasburg touched it!

Toledo 4, Lehigh Valley 3. Seems like every time I do these links, Cody Ransom has hit a HR the night before.

Trenton 9, Reading 7. Not so nice a night for Yohan Flande or Domonic Brown. But someody else got Bozied'd!

Dunedin 10, Clearwater 3. Well, it was 5-1 before Phillippe Aumont came in to pitch to Dunedin in the 6th (averts eyes).

Lakewood 8, West Virginia 2. The BlueClaws had their fancy pants and hittin' shoes on.