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A Boston Massacre: Red Sox 12, Phillies 2

Give the Phillies credit: right now they don't break script. The combination of interleague play, at which they stunk even when they were otherwise tremendous; Jamie Moyer pitching at Fenway Park against a Red Sox lineup that's nothing if not patient; and a Phillies offense that's ranged from comatose to dead for the better part of a month now, all augured that the team would endure a hellacious ass-kicking, and indeed that's what came to pass.

Moyer allowed five runs in a 41 pitch first inning, surrendered three more without recording an out in the second, and that was pretty much that. The Phils avoided getting shut out for the second straight night and eighth time this season, scoring twice off Boston's John Lackey. Charlie Manuel lifted a bunch of his lineup regulars before the game was half over. Kyle Kendrick pitched in relief. And the team fell into third place, behind the Mets.

If this embarrassment doesn't shake the team out of its lethargy, it is difficult to imagine what will.