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Fold, Spindle, Mutilate: Red Sox 10, Phillies 2

Once again, the Phillies stepped out onto the hallowed ballfield of Fenway Park and proceeded to get destroyed by the Boston Red Sox. Same story with slightly differing details: this time it was Joe Blanton, not Jamie Moyer, who was abused on the mound, and the Phils actually enjoyed a very short-lived 2-0 lead in the second inning on Brian Schneider's two-run double. Then J.D. Drew homered off Blanton, the next three men reached base, and someone named Daniel Nava crushed the first pitch he saw in a major league uniform for a grand slam.

After that, all concerned were just marking time; the Phils obviously weren't going to score again, despite the late scratch of scheduled Boston starter Daisuke Matsuzaka and subsequent deployment of five Sox relievers. Blanton stayed in for two more innings of abuse, ultimately surrendering 13 hits and 9 runs, all earned, in four frames. If you're interested in further details, I suggest looking elsewhere on the internet, because I just can't convince myself it much matters.

Cole Hamels will try to salvage a win, and a little dignity, in the series finale tomorrow against--gulp--Tim Wakefield