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A Few Phillies Links for You, June 16, 2010: Primal Screams and Blazer Envy

I am going to just, just, just....SCREAM! (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
I am going to just, just, just....SCREAM! (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Bronx Bummer: Sagging Phils and Halladay fall apart at Yankee Stadium. A more prosaic game recap if you're so inclined. Of note:

And even Halladay, who is as cool and collected on the mound as anyone, displayed visible signs of frustration Tuesday. As he came off the mound in the sixth, he yelled at no one in particular.

If he just aimed at the right side of his defense, he'd get the most prominent suspects. Let the Halladay - Hamels double standard begin!

Brought in to be the ace, Roy Halladay folds as Phillies are knocked around by Yankees. I pity you poor schlubs up in Yankees territory who have to endure this water-cooler'd expert analysis today, and likely through the week.

Hagen: Phillies pitchers starting to struggle, too. Imma be optimistic and say this is a sure sign of the offense about to reawaken.

Amaro not looking to shake up Phillies. Really. What's not to love? Or you might prefer this. My favorite, as always, comes from the Delaware County Daily Times, in which Jack McCaffery tried to rile my hatred of guys with new blazers. Only one comment on that story as I type, but as ever, it is soo worth it.

Phillies swap Kendrick, Moyer in rotation. Grampy goes tonight v. Burnett, Kendrick v. Pettitte on Thursday, and this deck chair over here provides a lovely view of the icebergs. Oh, and what's that you say?

There is a chance Rollins could be ready to play for the Phillies this weekend against the Minnesota Twins at Citizens Bank Park, although Philadelphia general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said that timetable "might be a little aggressive, but possible."

So Rollins playing on Friday = Scoring from second on a single?

Bill Conlin: Rollins on road back to Phillies. The bill1chairman was on the scene in Clearwater for Rollins' 3-popup rehab night.

Phillies notes: Happ still a question mark. And death i think is no parenthesis

NLeast Interleague Roundup:  

Talking Chop: Rays Have An Offensive Outburst and Beat the Braves 10-4. So the news wasn't all bad last night. Related development: Braves' Jones Seems Close to Retiring. Braves owe him $28 million through 2012, which is what really bears watching, just in case it might come up in the future, say, around here.

Miami Herald: Matt Treanor returns, crushes Florida Marlins. Which means Josh Johnson didn't win, either, despite pitching very well. Stanton struck out three times, too.

Federal Baseball: Nationals Lose 7-4 to Detroit Tigers. Also, if it's been a while since you've paid any attention to the Nationals, here's a nice refresher/field guide: Advice for those new to baseball who just fell in love with Strasburg.

Let's Go Tribe: Mets 7, Indians 6. Small ball'd, with a frisson of Branyan!

IronPigs settle for split in Buffalo. Lehigh Valley's over/under/never contest for first series win of the season rolls on.

Flande, R-Phils Beat Bowie. Flande ends a skid, and that nice young man named Domonic hit a homer. Tyson Gillies was 1 for 5 with a stolen base as he returned to action.

Bases-full check swing beats Lexington in 10. That Jonathan Singleton, he finds a way to win.

Threshers top Manatees, 8-4. Harold Garcia had a nice night, and Anthony Gose is working on a 12-game hit streak.