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Phriday Phillies Links Phor You, June 18, 2010: You Gotta Wanna Play the D, Auld Sod, Scout Survey Says!

I like this picture for obvious reasons, but the reactions of the fans are great here. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
I like this picture for obvious reasons, but the reactions of the fans are great here. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
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N.Y. Times: Against the Phillies, Yankees' Offensive Spigot is Quickly Shut Off. Also,

Polanco's catch highlights night of great D. The plays the Phils turned in last night were spectacular. Be sure to also see video of the Contreras and Werth plays.

Brookover: What's behind Phillies' funk? The old "talk to the scouts" (likely the Twins' and Indians', I'd figure) story angle. j reed, this quote is for you:

Ibanez, 37, is the player who concerns the two scouts the most.

"I think he's having leg problems," one scout said. "He doesn't look as strong to me in his lower half and I think it's contributing to his problems. I know he had the groin surgery. The combination of age and wear and tear could be affecting his stability."

Kevin Riordan: Fan First to get Phillies Sod with Series Roots. Roots, roots, roots from the home team. From yesterday's Inky.

Rollins Could Return to the Phillies on Sunday. Bringing with him gifts of optimism from the Florida sunshine tree

Phillies-Twins Preview. It's been six years since the Phillies saw them. They gots Joe Mauer 'n Thome 'n shit. Here's from the other side. And feel free to poke around SBN podner Twinkie Town.

Phillies Notes: Eager Mathieson gets call. Bother. He should have been in last night's game.

A day after Utley set up a voodoo-like display with bats, fruit, and Red Bull in the clubhouse, it was replaced by a Darth Maul bobblehead and a shot glass of rum - an obvious salute to the movie Major League. Apparently voodoo icon Jobu was unavailable for service. "Whatever it takes," Manuel said.

Do not mock Base-Ba'al!

NL East Roundup: The division is starting to take on that bifurcated look:

Talking Chop: The Braves Beat the Rays 3-1 As Tim Hudson Dazzles.

Amazin' Avenue: Mets 6, Indians 4: Broomstick At The Ready, Dickey Steams Cleveland.  And FWIW, here's a fancy stats look (sub req'd) at the Mets as they head over the East River to face the Yankees this weekend. Vic had his opinions, too, which I'm sure will cement him as a Mets clubhouse favorite.

Federal Baseball: Washington Nationals Swept Out Of Detroit, Tigers Win 8-3.  

Fish Stripes: Fish Wrap: Marlins 4, Rangers 6

Minor Leauges:

Lehigh Valley 2, Scranton Wilkes-Barre 0. Beating the Yankees on 2 out of 3 organizational level matchups last night. Brian Mazone with a good performance.

Reading 6, Bowie 4. Matt Rizzotti slam!

Lakewood 4, Kannapolis 1. Way to go, Wertz!

Tampa 4, Clearwater 2.