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Bullpen FAIL: Twins 13, Phillies 10

The good news: the hitters looked like 2009 today.  The bad news:  so did Brad Lidge and the rest of the bullpen.  The Phillies hitters pounded out 10 runs today, including a tenth inning two-out game-tying home run by Ross Gload.  However, the bullpen gave up 9 runs from the ninth inning on -- 5 in the 9th, 1 in the 10th, and 3 in the 11th.

Baseball does this to you, though.  Let's take from this that the offense is still showing signs of life and emerging from the slump, forget the 9th innings on, and look forward to winning another interleague series tomorrow, when Roy Halladay takes the mound to finish off the Twins.

Until then, rant below as you wish.