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Some Phillies Links for You, June 24, 2010: J-Rollin', Phanatic in Yer Grill

Former Phillie prospect Donald is now a busy Indian

"It’s neat," said Donald, one of four minor leaguers the Phillies sent to the Cleveland Indians 11 months ago in the pre-trade deadline deal for Cliff Lee. "The great thing is I feel lucky that I’m here. I always pictured myself being here playing for the Phillies. If this is the way I had to do it, I’ll take it. It’s pretty cool."

I always love when grown men say "neat" and "cool." It's so charming.

Choo Shin-soo hits 2 homers
The outcome of the game, is irrelevant.

Pedro Martinez not thinking about playing yet
Great big pile of nothing here.

Overdue spring cleaning - The Boston Globe

Since being accused of stealing signs via bullpen binoculars on May 13, the Philadelphia Phillies are 17-19. Not to imply anything.

You are a cheeky prick, I hope you get VD.

Blogging's the ticket for notorious Phils fan

Paul Hagen: Slowly, Phillies' Ibanez coming out of slump
Because... this is what Raul Ibanez does.

Phillies Notes: Dobbs clears waivers, will work at triple A
That's good I suppose. If Dobbs can work it out he'll be very valuable.

Phillies' Madson to Begin Rehab Stint Sunday
Assuming he'll replace Chad Durbin on the roster, but who takes his spot in the meantime?

Upland fireballer must decide between Philadelphia or Pepperdine
Lessee, the minor league grind, or Malibu... hmm...

Phillie Phanatic Tea-Bags Slider - Crossing Broad
Via Crossing Broad, the raunchy antics of the Phillie Phanatic last night.  Things like this really taint the game, in my opinion...

Where'd The Offense Go? Braves Lose 4-2 - Talking Chop
Did the Braves catch the disease that the Phillies had for those four or five weeks? Let's hope.

Mets 5, Tigers 0: Knuckles Flying, Dickey Blasts Detroit - Amazin' Avenue
Now it's the Mets who aren't losing.

Washington Nationals Come Up Empty, Stephen Strasburg Suffers First Loss, 1-0 To Kansas City Royals. - Federal Baseball
Stephen Strasburg done got "Halladay'd," losing despite giving up a single run. And bested by Brian Bannister, no less.

Marlins 7, Orioles 5: The joke is on us - Camden Chat

The Baltimore Orioles are now 19-52 and are playing major league baseball like 5 year old tee ballers.

The lede there was provided by Stacey from Camden Chat herself. What a brutal time to be an Orioles fan. I know many of them, so... I'm sorry.