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Some Phillies Links for You, June 28, 2010: Juggling Lineups, Hey Mister Sign This!

Autographs: What casual fans may not know. - Phuture Phillies
Reading Phillies' reliever Michael Schwimer contributes this interesting piece on the etiquette of autograph seeking.

Source: Bobby Valentine out of running for Florida Marlins' job - Florida Marlins -
What a devastating turn of events.

Carl Pavano would love Cliff Lee as a teammate again |
Hopefully Lee would advise Pavano to ditch the tragic moustache.

Crashburn Alley - Give Utley His Gold Glove
Bill chips in in support of Chase Utley's Gold Glove "candidacy."

Phillies' regular lineup is regularly missing pieces
That this team has done as well as it has with all of the injuries is pretty remarkable.

Should rookie ace be All-Star?
It's a simple question: Is Charlie Manuel interested in winning the All-Star Game this year? Then he has to consider all of his options, even Stephen Strasburg.

2010 Phillies All-Stars | Philly
I wish I gave a damn about the All-Star Game, but frankly, I just want all of them to get some rest.

Bill Conlin: Phillies' Moyer making history
Just read this, I dunno.

Phillies Notes: Aching Placido Polanco sits out again
The hybrid Castro/Valdez beast has basically become a full-time player, which is just horrible for the offense.

Canada blames 'thugs' for protests
So it looks like Toronto and Philadelphia really did switch places for the weekend, AM I RITE?!!?

Minor Leagues: Brown, Dobbs lift Lehigh Valley to win
Domonic Brown is still hitting, even in Triple-A.

Mets 6, Twins 0: Niese, Batters Do Quite Well For Themselves - Amazin' Avenue
I'ma go out on a limb and say that the Mets are doing some good baseballing these days.

The Boesch Brothers help avoid the sweep: Tigers 10, Braves 4 - Bless You Boys
And the Tigers manage to steal one from the Braves.

Orioles 4, Nationals 3: Can we play these guys every day? - Camden Chat
Just when the Nationals start looking decent, some crap like this happens.

Padres sweep Marlins with 4-2 win - Gaslamp Ball
We're getting some separation in the NL East.