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Some Phillies Links for You, June 3, 2010: Imperfection, Goodbye Kid, Pitching Blues

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Phillies Notebook: Phillies unlikely to alter rotation
That whole mess on Tuesday still really boils my blood.

Galarraga and Tigers robbed in 3-0 "perfect game" victory over the Tribe - Bless You Boys
The smile on his face is equal parts reassuring and borderline psychotic.

Dear Mr. Selig, make this game perfect - Bless You Boys
That mythic "record book" is not immutable like the friggin' U.S. Constitution but I do honestly worry about the precedent to be set if you start amending and changing things to reflect what didn't actually "happen" in the games.

'Pat the Bat' now swinging one for Fresno - Sports -
Wet Luzinski, here's some material for you, I mean, "The Bat" to incorporate...

Starting pitching provides silver lining of ugly skid
I'm about 99% sure that when the bats start to warm up, the pitching will go into the toilet.

Paul Hagen: Phillies manager Manuel looking to change channel
They were watching "Glee."

A former Phil's views on playing baseball for a living
A review of Doug Glanville's new book, reviewed by "David Cohen" (not ours).

Ken Griffey Jr. Is Retiring - Lookout Landing
The last remaining superstar of my Baseball Card Years (late 80s/very early 90s) is now officially done.

Comeback 'Claws rally in ninth | | Asbury Park Press
The Lakewood BlueClaws mounted yet another ninth-inning comeback Wednesday night, scoring four runs to stun the Hagerstown Suns 5-3.

I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay: Now Would Be a Good Time To Sell Your Disney Stock (or, "Holy Butt, squared")
Holy eff, good job fellas! Launching tomorrow, my new bolg: "I Want to Go to the Erotic Cake Bakery with Armando Galarraga."

Brewers 7, Marlins 4 - Brew Crew Ball
Yovani Gallardo hits a home run and wins the game. Money.


Wandy, Astros Shut Down Nationals 5-1 - The Crawfish Boxes
So the Braves gain on everyone in the NL East. Ugh.