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Some Phillies Links for You, June 30, 2010: Lee Lee Lee, Brown Town, Madson Rehab

Despite Recent Success, The Phillies Are Still In Trouble | GCOBB.COM
Tell me MORE!

IronPigs Domonic Brown debuts
It will be full-on suicide watch if Domonic Brown somehow injuries himself this summer.

Beating Yankees just fuels trade talk surrounding Mariners' Cliff Lee
This is Cohen Bait!

Cliff Lee takes care of Yankees, takes care of trade questions | Seattle Mariners Insider - The News Tribune

In the second inning, Lee walked Jorge Posada on a 3-2 pitch for his first walk in 38 1/3 innings. "I'm not too pleased about it," he said. "My goal coming into the season is to not walk anyone for a whole season."

I love Cliff Lee's dry sense of humor. Pitchitude aside, he's an easier guy to like than Roy Halladay.

Phillies reliever Madson throws perfect inning in rehab appearance
Great news, really. Stupid Madson.

Looking at possible fill-ins for Phillies
Wait Mark Grudzielanek is 40? Holy...

J.A. Happ not impressive as he continues his rehab stint
I'm more concerned about velocity and stuff at this point. But when he comes back and "regresses to the mean" from his 2009 numbers, how many people will cry that he's still hurt?

Book: Dysktra admits steroid use
Mets legend Lenny Dykstra: Certified scumbag.

Eminem and Christina Aguilera to Take Part on 'Entourage' Finale

Season 7 finale of "Entourage" will be aired on September 12. In addition to Eminem and Christina, it will also feature Minka Kelly, John Cleese as well as a number of A-list athletes, Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees, Phillies All-Star first baseman Ryan Howard and NBA stars Jordan Farmar and Kevin Love.

No, Ryan. No.  "Yo, Vin..."

Washington Nationals Break Losing Streak, Beat Atlanta Braves, 7-2. - Federal Baseball
The Nationals, doing the Lord's work. Thanks guys.

Fish Wrap - Marlins 7, Mets 6 - FishStripes
Aaaaaand, thank you Marlins.