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Some Phillies Links for You, June 7, 2010: Drafty in Here, Zoo TV, Hot Stuff

Erratic hitting plagues Phils again
At this point I'm vaguely happy they're scoring runs, even if they look ugly while doing it.

Mascot Madness: Ranking All The MLB Mascots - AZ Snakepit

#1 Phillie Phanatic (Philadelphia) The most-sued mascot in sports, the team had to pay $2.5 million to a man after the Phanatic jumped him with a bear hug, causing serious back injuries. That's hardcore mascoting, right there. Falls completely into the case of "I have no idea what it is," but the tongue alone is just marvelous.



Phillies Players Host Special Event For Local Kid Charities

A few Phillies hosted a special screening of the Karate Kid in West Philadelphia at the Rave University 6 theater.

Who does the "wax off"?

Ryan Howard's Mystery Woman Revealed
Google Image Search FTW

Phils aim to restock farm system in draft
Soooo... they're looking for good young players. Props to Martin Frank for crafting a good article out of nothing.

Phillies Notebook: Another perfect outing for Lidge
This also is encouraging.

SB Nation Expands for Fans, by Fans Sports Sites -
We know we've made it when we're covered by the Grey Lady. How's that for an image in your head? Congrats, Tyler and Jim.

Phillies' prize pitching prospect Aumont demoted to Clearwater
Cliff Lee deal looking worse and worse.

I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay: Faces Will Be Broke
In case you missed it, our pals over at Zoo With Roy were invited to appear on ESPN First Take last Friday. Video, with Mob informant production values, included!

Scott Rolen's Reds beat the District of Columbia's Nationals, 5-4. - Red Reporter
Rolen is outplaying anyone on the Phillies right now, how about that?

One Catcher Drives In Another: Dodgers Walk-Off Again - True Blue LA
Got a little help from the Dodgers, at least, in a 5-4 L.A. victory over the Braves.

Mets 7, Marlins 6: Coeur's Light's Silver Bullet Powers Sweep Of Fish - Amazin' Avenue
Mets starting to shed the "LOL," endowing it upon the LOLPhillies.