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Our New Infield: Why So Glum?

The news seems bad right now.  If you can name all 13 hitters on the Phillies active roster you're ahead of most Phillies fans.  And obviously, with Carlos Ruiz, Chase Utley, and Placido Polanco all on the DL, the infield is hurting the most.

Or is it?  Without explaining first, wouldn't you be happy with someone hitting .391 with a .417 OBP and .783 SLG?  That's a Bondsian 1.199 OPS.  Giving away a bit more, would you be happy with a trio of players hitting 3 home runs and 10 RBI over the course of two games?

Of course you would.  And that's exactly what the Phillies' catcher, second baseman, and third baseman have done over the past two games, the two games in which Ruiz, Utley, and Polanco have all been out.

So why so glum?  This is completely sustaniable, right?

PhillyFriar FTW: