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Some Phillies Links for You, July 12, 2010: Brown Down, Trout Flout, Baby Mama Drama

"To My Biggest Fan... Michael Taylor."  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
"To My Biggest Fan... Michael Taylor." (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tipsheet: Phillies pitchers lend Cards a hand
I guess the only downshot of the sweep is that the Cardinals are happy.

New York Yankees America's Favorite Baseball Team for 8th Year
And Two-and-a-Half Men is the highest rated sitcom.

McCarver quick to get on Ubaldo bandwagon - The Denver Post

"There's no question — Jimenez should start in Tuesday's All-Star Game," the veteran broadcaster said Sunday on the phone from Anaheim, Calif. "That's an easy call for a manager."

Josh Johnson says hello.

This time, Manuel's on mission
I really like the National League's pitching this year. Hopefully it'll be enough to win this damn thing.

Polanco plans to return this weekend in Chicago
I just hope he's not rushing back again.

Sam Donnellon: Phillies' rotation has quite a one-two punch, even without Lee

Hamels has now pitched seven innings or more in six of his last seven starts and has allowed three or fewer earned runs in 12 of his last 13 starts. His record stands at only 7-7, but like Halladay, he has deserved better. Twice in the last 7 weeks, he has allowed two runs and lost; another two times he allowed three runs and lost.

I dream of a day when we don't even have to discuss win-loss records for pitchers.

MLB: Right-hander allows just two hits while striking out six in eight innings - The Daily Breeze

(Vicente) Padilla, who held the Cubs hitless through five innings and only gave up two hits and a walk while striking out six in eight, hit former teammate Marlon Byrd in the back in the top of the seventh. Byrd responded by staring at Padilla and walking slowly to first base.

And this certainly doesn't fit into an already established behavior pattern for Mr. Padilla. What a ghoul.

Dan Gross: Reds' star Brandon Phillips in Family Court here | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/12/2010

Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips spent Thursday morning in Family Court battling one of his baby mamas, a local woman with whom he has a 4-year-old daughter.

I wish he hadn't used the term "baby mama." I really do.

Brown makes mark but leaves game

Domonic Brown said he simply felt some tightness coming out of the batter's box on an infield single in Sunday's Futures Game, and that he did not want to push it.

Even if it were more serious, eh?  Sit him until August.  He has nothing left to prove.

Angels Prospects Mike Trout, Hank Conger Steal Futures Game Show -- MLB FanHouse
Cool stuff for Trout, who hails from Millville, NJ, even if he had to replace an injured Domonic Brown.

Pettis throws eight shutout innings
Off to a great start for Williamsport.

Mets 3, Braves 0: Santana Dominant Again - Amazin' Avenue
Mets avoid a Braves sweep, which we should all grudgingly admit is a good thing.

Diamondbacks 0, Marlins 2: Rush To The Break - AZ Snakepit
Burke Badenhop stymies the Snakes.

Washington Nationals End "First Half" With 6-2 Loss To Buster Posey And The San Francisco Giants. - Federal Baseball
I would make it a policy to mourn a defeat to anyone named Buster, ever. Mike Tyson knows what I'm saying.