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Some Phillies Links for You, July 15, 2010: Back in the Saddle, No Pedro, Jamie Hall-of-Famey?

Phil Sheridan: Braves force Phillies' hand on making a move
I might be proven wrong here, but the acquisition of professional outsmith Alex Gonzalez falls well short of a big move.

Phillies' ageless Moyer entering Hall of Fame conversation
Without objective criteria, it's hard to say "no way" to anyone.  I still see him more as Hall of Very Good material.

Braves' McCann says Manuel inspired him

"It was awesome," McCann said of Manuel's pregame pep talk. "He's the best. He's a great manager. I'm fortunate to play against him all the time. He's a great hitting guy, so I like to talk to him."

GREAT, thanks Charlie! :eyeroll:

Pedro, Phillies not headed toward a reunion
It was a fleeting thing last year, destined not to happen again. But I wouldn't change a thing.

Mathieson keeps All-Star attitude at Triple A showcase game
It's a shame that Danys Baez is officially keeping this guy down in Triple-A.

Bozied and family savor Derby moment
Look, it's Tagg Bozied!

Beltran Is Back, Complicating the Mets’ Picture -
This is an outrage: How can they not find a way to start Jeff Francoeur every night?

Salisbury: Sizing up Phils on Eve of the Second Half
Go here, read this.

Padres claim Berry from Phillies | News
The byproduct of drafting polish-free toolsheds en masse.

The Fightins " Larry FN Bowa’s Midseason FN Report Card
I can't get over how awesome this is. Warning: Salty language.