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Some Phillies Links for You, July 16, 2010: Jamie Wears It, Farm Struggles, Brett the Met?

Phillies Notebook: Utley sheds cast, says doctors see progress

After Utley's injury, the Phillies went 9-8 to close out the first half, hitting .234 with a .285 on-base percentage in the process.

Well they had a winning record didn't they? Guys?

Cubs send message in rout of Phillies

Since Lou Piniella joined the team in 2007, the Cubs have posted a 121-95 record after the All-Star break. They're now 1-0.

At this pace they're going to go undefeated in the second half!!

Cubs expose Phillies' big need

Any chance the Phillies had of coming back was squashed in the seventh inning when the Cubs scored five runs off Jose Contreras. He has an 8.56 ERA over his last 18 appearances after posting an ERA of 0.56 in his first 18 appearances.


Mets considering Astros' Brett Myers?
Brett Myers would look awfully good in this rotation right now, huh?  At least we could tut-tut at the "morally bankrupt" Mets for employing a wife beater, right?

Minor Leagues: Walkoff HR sinks IronPigs
Even Mathieson is struggling now...

Ryne Sandberg recalls time with 89ers
Keep this in mind: Cubs pennants since the Sandberg trade: 0. Phillies pennants: 4.

Phils start second half with a thud

"I made bad pitches down and I made bad pitches up. I paid for it. I didn't execute," Moyer said. "We jumped out and scored two runs. For me the ultimate thing is to out and back it up. I wasn't able to do that. I deserve everything I got. But I'll be back."

For some reason, it's satisfying to see quotes like this, rather than the Adam Eaton "I made good pitches, they just got lucky!" crap.

Paul Hagen: Phillies in AL East? Twenty years ago, it could have happened | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/16/2010

Inside the executive offices at Veterans Stadium, there was some support for the idea. The proponents pointed out that it would mean multiple annual visits from the Yankees and Red Sox, teams certain to draw well.

Glad to see nothing's changed... JC Ramirez Shines in Reading Loss

I want to go to the zoo with Roy Halladay: An Open Letter to Charlie Manuel
Our Old Friends at Zoo With Roy plead for a rearranged starting rotation, and a Roy Halladay vs. Stephen Strasburg matchup likely to cause much tent-pitching.

Giants 2, Mets 0: Lincecum Outlasts Dickey - Amazin' Avenue
Young Tim Lincecum does the Lord's work.

Braves Beat Brewers 2-1 Behind Chipper, Prado and Jurrjens - Talking Chop
Of course.