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Phillies closing in on deal for starting pitcher. Possibly Roy Oswalt? Jayson Werth gone? zOMG Intrigue!

Various outlets, including Jayson Stark, Buster Olney, and our own SB Nation, are reporting that the Phillies are close to a major trade that would bring a starting pitcher to the Phillies, and send newly-reviled-for-no-real-reason right fielder Jayson Werth out of town, possibly as part of a three-team deal.  Stark and Olney both imply that Astros starter Roy Oswalt is the subject of many of the rumors.

Oswalt is owed $7 million for the rest of 2010, and $16 million for 2011, so presumably, any deal with Houston would require the Astros and Ed Wade kicking some cash back to his old protege Ruben Amaro, Jr., to cover the contract.  Which probably means a bigger talent/prospect haul leaving Philadelphia.  So long, Jarred Cosart.

While Oswalt is an excellent pitcher, I'm pretty nervous about what this trade portends for the team's future.  This is not a team that can be "fixed" with one trade right now; the chances of making the postseason are rapidly fading.  I want the front office to prepare for the future, and make the team younger, and soon.  Moving talented prospects out of town does not help to that end.

More to come, I would imagine...