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Some Phillies Links for You, July 21, 2010: Trade Winds, Moyer to DL

Howard's end - Finger Food
At the outset, I reject the premise that the late-season games mean more, although Finger predicates the point by saying the games "seem" to be more important, which is fair and does tend to influence MVP voters. What's all-but undeniable is that Ryan Howard is a second half player, which is pretty nice to have.

Major move? With Moyer hurt, team ponders trade. | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/21/2010

Ruben Amaro Jr. wore one of those patented smug looks on his face before Tuesday's game.

FACT: The Good Phight gets a royalty every time someone uses the word "smug" to describe Ruben Amaro, Jr.

Oswalt moving to Philly and Werth moving out?
As our brilliant leaders discussed in our other threads related to this (pending?) deal, this has the promise of satisfying the Talk Radio Crowd in multiple, detrimental ways.

Punchless Phils Lose Ageless Moyer (Perhaps For Good)
Yeah, if this knocks Jamie Moyer out for the rest of the season, is he done forever? There's no recovery track record here.

Jamie Moyer Headed To DL - SB Nation Philly
Moyer has confounded all of us at different points in his career, but lack of contract combined with this injury, means it's more than likely that Moyer is done in Philly.

Phillies working "very, very aggressively" to move Werth
Public opinion changes in this town awfully quickly.

Haren wants to stay ... but open to a trade
I really hope Amaro has at least inquired about this guy.

Amaro expects to be a buyer, holds Phillies players accountable
It really only makes sense to "buy" in this context if you get player cheaply, or if you can control him past this season (i.e., Haren, Oswalt).

SeaWolves lose wild one to Reading Phillies
Hey, would you look at that!

Pettis sent to bullpen
Trying to keep innings pitched totals under control. Very encouraging debut for this late round pick.

Braves Beat Padres 4-1 Behind Diaz, Jurrjens, and Heyward - Talking Chop
Feels like old times...

Mets 2, Diamondbacks 3 - Baseball Has Been Barry Good To Us - AZ Snakepit
The hot (!) Diamondbacks stop the Mets, who have been playing about as badly as the Phillies since the Break.