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Some Phillies Links for You: July 22, 2010: Welcoming Silly Season

Manuel's decision to let Blanton hit backfires in Phillies' loss to Cardinals
Chollie joins the post-break slump.

Manuel downplays struggles by Rollins
Sorry, guys, the S.S. Juan Castro has sailed. But look at this guy!

Latest from Oswalt, including a vote of approval from Lidge

Votes of approval from Lidge are sooo April of last year. Oh and btw, the talking heads on MLB.TV last night were saying that the Cardinals were late entrants in the Oswalt talks.

Cardinals frontrunners for Oswalt
See? So I wasn't just dreaming that Mitch Williams has an actual TV job. Remember the days when top-shelf free agents longing for a WS ring spurned Philadelphia? Hello again, friend.

Red Sox need deadline spark

Phillies ponder move to acquire Oswalt

Rich Hofman: It's time for Phillies to see what Brown can do
He's ready! He's not ready!
Welcome your new .764 OPS rightfielder. God forbid we do any, you know, research (h/t Crashburn Alley)

Baseball Prospectus: Fixing the Astros, Part 1: The Need to Trade Veterans for Prospects
Sub req'd. Perspective on Ed Wade's Empire of S**t.

It''s...all so confusing!

Lee trade wasn't necessary
Oh, Bob Brookover... is there no stone you leave un-turned over in the pursuit of truth?

Bill Conlin: Myers might be best option for Phillies

Scene: Australia, 10 years ago. A big-boned sportswriter enters from stage left, talking with a likewise big-boned, profanity spewing manager, who is carrying what appears to be a large bowl of pasta in red sauce...

The Fightins: CBP Survival Guide
Heavily rec'd for the hilarity in the comments section, especially if you need a laff today after the Cards sign Oswalt.

Talking Chop: Billy Wagner Blows Save, Padres Beat Braves in 12
Save slips $10 in Wagner's left palm afterwards, says hopefully, "same time tomorrow night?"

AZ Snakepit: Diamondbacks 4, Mets 3 (14) Extras! Extras! Read All About It!
See, it's not all bad.

Federal Baseball: Washington Nationals Support Stephen Strasburg, Defeat Cincinnati Reds, 8-5
And because the Democrats are in the majority on the Nationals, Strasburg's nomination should speed him to the Supreme Court in no time.

Purple Row: Rockies 2, Marlins 5: Marlins Get to Jason Hammel Early, Keep Rockies Down Until 8th Inning (Not that it Mattered Much)


Clearwater 6, St. Lucie 1

Jesus saves a split, again and again.