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Some Phillies Links for You, July 26, 2010: I, Os, You; Hard Deadline, Mr. 1,000

Oswalt would refuse Yankees trade?
I honestly don't know about some of these players. I'm frankly of the mind right now to just keep Jayson Werth and let him walk for draft picks after the season.

Reading not phased by HGH testing
I would've loved this article more if they quoted one of the players saying "THIS IS TOTAL HORSE(BLEEP)!!" while he was dumping boxes of vials and syringes into a ditch behind a playground.

Barkley visits Phillies
His presence in the booth for the TBS broadcast went from funny to boring to downright aggravating until we were saved by the rain delay...

Happ throws with a purpose
Hopefully that "purpose" will come to include better command soon.

Nervous Phils await deadline
It really must be a weird time of the season.

How much of a mind game is playing for next contract? | Philadelphia Daily News | 07/26/2010

"I know there's a perception out there that players perform better. But I've found that there are three ways it can go. A lot of players play better in that situation, but a lot of players don't," he said. "We can't paint every player with the same brush. The personalities, obviously, are very different and unique."

You're going to find some players for whom the contract year is a positive motivator, you're going to find some where it's a distraction but it's just another distraction that they have to deal with and it doesn't affect their performance one way or the other, and then there's a third set of players where it becomes a real negative pressure and I think it really does hurt their performance."

So, in summary... there are no patterns at all?

Mets' season going down blank-in' drain -
While the Phillies righted the ship somewhat after their awful road trip, the Mets continue to be a mess.

Howard's glove skills catch up to his offensive power
Let's not go nuts here.

1,000 thanks, Vance

(Vance Worley) became the 1,000th player to play for the Phillies since the post-war 1946 season.

I love the arbitrary cut-off date. Either way, good looking out buddy, love the goggles.

Haren trade to Angels heightens Lilly's value
But it also establishes that an ace pitcher is apparently worth one so-so big league pitcher and a few mediocre prospects.

Cosart Moves Closer To Return For 'Claws
Even if he doesn't pitch again this season, it was still a great year for Jarred Cosart.

On Baseball - Davis Holds On to Major League Dream
Interesting story on local boy Ben Davis and his attempts to reinvent himself as a pitcher.

Kershaw, Jansen Put Up Zeroes, Dodgers Win 1-0 - True Blue LA
Mets wrap up 2-9 road trip, ouch.

Fish Wrap - Marlins 5, Braves 4 - FishStripes
Wes Helms: Legend