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A Few Phillies Links for You, July 27, 2010: Oswalt Balks, Lies for Werth, Limpin' Jimmy

McCaffery: Chuck’s loyalty to Lidge could be costly
This is not an article from May 2009.

Rollins hurts foot; status is uncertain
X-rays were negative, but hopefully this isn't a nagging problem all year. Give him the night off tonight if it helps.

Phillies Notebook: Oswalt likely out of picture, Phils eye other trade possibilities

Roy Oswalt, the top remaining starting pitcher available on the trade market, does not want to play for the Phillies, reported in a story that cites a source "with direct knowledge of his thinking."

The Phillies are employing the Amazing Kreskin now.

Oswalt indicates stance on trade has flexibility
I understand that this is one of those weird trade situations where the player has as much (if not more) leverage than the trading team, but Oswalt is really backing himself into a corner and looks like he's going to remain in Houston, rotting away.

White leads Aeros in rout of R-Phils

Sebastian Valle's homer lifts BlueClaws to victory in 10th
The on-base percentage is poor, hovering around .300, but Valle is still young (just turned 20).  No truth to Werth-to-Padres rumor + yet
That whole episode was really a "Worst-of-Twitter" moment.

Giambi's errors overshadow his productive day at plate - The Denver Post
I feel kind of bad for the guy: Brought in to be a glorified Matt Stairs, he's forced into semi-regular duty at first base with Todd Helton injured.

Garza hurls fifth gem this season -
I'll always remember Matt Garza for being such a tweaky borderline sociopath during the 2008 World Series, and having the announcers kiss his hiney for being "super ultra intense" because he had to write little Daily Affirmations on the inside of the bill of his cap. Did you know Joe Maddon is a wine enthusiast? How will David Price affect the Series?