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DONE!: Astros trade RHP Roy Oswalt to Phillies for LHP J.A. Happ, Prospects Gose and Villar

(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The courtship is over, and seeing as they were the only legitimate buyer on the market, the sale was made!  The Phillies acquired right handed pitcher Roy Oswalt from the Houston Astros in exchange for lefty J.A. Happ, and minor league prospects Anthony Gose (OF) and Jonathon Villar (SS), plus $11 million.

If that sounds like a good deal for the Phillies, that's because it is.  J.A. Happ is a nice pitcher, Gose has tremendous potential, and Villar is emerging as an intriguing infield prospect, but the Phillies really just got an ace-quality starting pitcher to slot behind Roy Halladay in the rotation, at a huge discount, through 2011. 

Oswalt's 2012 option has also apparently been converted into a "mutual" option.  More on this as we learn about it.

So here we are: Roy Oswalt.  Welcome to Philadelphia!